The Right Pair of Shoes for Every Indoor Occasion of 2022

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We love shoes, we all like to combine our look and our daily style with shoes that identify us. That’s why we want to share with you this guide with the different types of women’s shoes that you will need for the different occasions that come your way in 2022.

The following selection of types of shoes for women is made with the types of shoes that open their own space in this 2022 in your closet, to accompany you and every woman in different formal, informal, party or relaxing occasions.

A pair of each type would do us good, to be and feel very good in different events and occasions daily and extraordinary. And without further do, here are the types of indoor shoes for this new year:


Parties are the events in which we all want to look good without going overboard. So, among the types of shoes that save our lives and fit perfectly for party outfits, whether it is a short skirt, long skirt, pants and even shorts (the most glamorous), there are high-heeled sandals and stilettos. .

For the pants, in addition to booties, it is interesting to wear heels, heeled sandals and platform tennis shoes in the best urban chic style. For example, if you are going to wear a flared pants totally loose, a perfect accompaniment would be a platform tennis shoes matching the color of the pants. In the case of flared denim pants, the perfect choice would be heels or high-heeled sandals.

Both of these types of party shoes are classics that never fail, and have also evolved for 2022 with textures, colors and shapes placed at the level of detail that today’s woman demands.

For example, sandals with wide and very straight heels, finished with applications of stones and beads, metallic threads and a lot of shine are recommended. Also, in the case of sandals, the cuts range from those with ankle straps, to those that expose only the toes, known as fish mouth.


How To Wear Sneakers With A Dress • Petite in Paris

For the most casual yet equally glamorous and stylish outfits, you have tennis among our selections. And that’s because this type of shoes is no longer reserved for sports or the gym, and has become the inseparable of women who want to look fresh, jovial and beautiful, whether with a skirt, jeans or dress.

Among the selected tennis shoes, we find the sneaker type, characterized for this year 2022 by their soles with protrusions and a combination of textures. Another type of tennis shoes that will continue to create trends are those with straight platforms and with the predominance of nude and metallic tones.

The casual fashion for this new year can be with shoes that range from heels to sneakers. Everything that is allowed in this casual style is widely used by the variety of shoes that adapt to the needs of style and comfort of each woman.

You know that, for example, a pointed high heel shoe with studs or rivets can look very chic and casual with boyfriend jeans or a high-waisted tube. Similarly, Texas or cowboy boots, fishmouths or mules are welcome in your most casual look.

The third type of casual footwear you can include in your wardrobe is the loafer in all its fashion variations. You’ll find the strappy loafer, the classic loafer with hardware and the lace-up loafer.


Beach and Sun

Now, just because you’re on vacation or spending your day under the most beautiful sun doesn’t mean you have to look boring or unkempt. For this year, the varieties of sandals are just as suitable for getting on the most exclusive yacht cruise, as they are for taking a bike ride on the beach in the best style.

For example, for more formal and ceremonial occasions, you can wear platform sandals, with a very thick heel, metallic materials and patent leather. For less formal occasions, there are Roman-style flat sandals, jute sandals with ankle straps and synthetic sandals in trendy colors like rosewood, metallic and the whole nude range.

This way, we fulfill the mission of keeping you up to date on what’s trending in different types of women’s shoes. You know, no matter what the occasion, you can always look cute and feel very comfortable by wearing the right kind of shoes.

There you are! With those tips, you are now ready to slay every 2022’s occasions with the perfect pair of shoes! Did we miss anything? Share it in the comments below!

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