The 9 Essentials of Goth Fashion

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Goth fashion is all about indulging in the darker elements of style and aesthetic. It’s about pulling away from the mainstream and embracing a style that can set you apart. But, how can you make a transition from normal to goth? Well, here are some wardrobe essentials that can help you get started:


Pewter Rings

If you like using jewelry to express your inner emotions, then investing in goth jewelry is a smart choice. Not only are their styles unique and expressive, but they can also be free and liberating. Take, for instance, pewter rings, which are a classic goth accessory. They can have meaningful dark symbols engraved on the side or they can be gem-encrusted skulls. The fantastic thing about them is that they can be anything you want them to be.

When choosing a ring, just remember that it is also about the statement and the messages that you want to get across. After all, the goth style is all about deviating from the mainstream.


Black Corsets

In the 21st century, corsets have endured the test of time and goth women have embraced them. No, we are not talking about Victorian-era corsets that caused a great many women of the time to faint from lack of oxygen, but loose corsets that are both stylish and comfortable. It is not meant to be too tight, so there is no pressure. But, why wear them?

Corsets are a great way to define and highlight the shape of your waist. So, if you are going to pull this off glamorously, you may need to hit the gym. Since the oversized bottoms help make your stomach look thinner, black corsets also look great when paired with goth staples such as long ruffled skirts. So, you don’t need to be ultra-thin, but you definitely have to play with proportions and textures. After all, it’s all about achieving a realistic hourglass figure. When incorporating it into your goth wardrobe, dark colours are preferable (but not required!), and a bit of lace is a necessity!


Leather Jackets

Nothing worth it ever comes easy. The same is true with goth fashion. If you want to make the transition, then be prepared to invest in style staples such as a plain black leather jacket. Leather jackets are awesome because they are comfortable and they go well with almost any goth look. Try them with combat boots, graphic tees, or assassin hoodies and you’ll notice that your signature leather jacket will always add a finishing touch. Plus, it’s smart to own a jacket which shields you from the elements and portrays your personal style.

Both bomber leather jackets and rocker leather jackets are hot goth staples but before you purchase either of those, be sure that it’s black. If you’re on a budget, it is smart to invest in a colour which you could wear with any piece in your goth wardrobe. When it comes to wearing them, you don’t need specific style tips. Either you can wear it on top of your graphic tees, or you can just casually drape it around your shoulders, the trick is to just be yourself. So, don’t worry if you’re wearing spiked high heels or tight black dresses; when donning leather jackets anything is possible.


Combat Boots

Not so sure about your goth footwear? Well, since you’re just starting out the goth trend, that’s very understandable. Lucky for you, the only shoe you’ll ever need is a nice pair of combat boots. Of course, you can wear high-heeled boots and studded heels, but we’ll talk about those some other time. Just remember that the most basic thing you need for your goth transition is a pair of combat boots (or three!). The amazing thing about combat boots is not just the fact that they’re badass and comfy, but they also never go out of style. So, be ready to purchase chunky and rugged combat boots to always complete your goth ensembles. Just remember to not go too overboard, the trick is to look subversive and not like a battle-ready assassin.

Graphic Tees

Skulls are one of the main symbols of goth fashion. It can trace its history back to the Victorian era when skulls were worn while mourning. So, it makes perfect sense that today skulls stand for life and death. For goths who love contemplating life’s purpose, skull tees are a meaningful choice. After all, graphic tees are supposed to add a personal touch to your goth outfit. Whether it’s a dark quote or a printed pattern of a tomb, the print should help you make a statement.


Black Leggings

Black leggings are perfect for any occasion. You can wear them while working, shopping, studying and everywhere else. The point is that they’re a dependable style staple. If you’re off to class, then pair off your favourite skull tee or long-sleeved shirt with black leggings. Or, if you’re off to the office, then combine it with a blazer and a formal tank top. And when it comes to footwear, go with high heels instead of flats! After all, you need to look badass but professional.


Assassin Hoodies

Inspired in large part by the Ubisoft hit series of video games Assassin’s Creed, the great thing about this cotton zip-up hoodie is that it is simple, classy and strikingly stylish. Plus, it’s a great style staple for the upcoming winter months. That is if you want to wear a hoodie that can stand out from everyone else’s.

But, while Altair, Ezio and the rest of the Brotherhood aren’t goths, the assassin hoodie can mesh well with a goth look. Try it out with studded jeans and your signature combat boots. Or, you can opt to wear an assassin hoodie a diagonal zip up and an arm warmer and pair it off with skull-patterned skinny leggings for the upcoming winter months. For accessories, put on goth alchemy rings and studded bracelets, to incorporate your goth personality.


Studded Bracelet

Are you looking for an accessory that can complete your rebellious goth look? If you are, then studded bracelets are the way to go. After all, it’s a simple accessory that goes well with any goth-styled outfit. But, should the wristband be black and should the studs be silver, like any old goth stereotype? The answer is NO. The wristband can be any colour since Goth isn’t about black and white. There are many modern kinds of goths that cater to neon-coloured or pastel-coloured looks. Moreover, the studs can speak for themselves, whatever colour they might be. When accessorizing, you can wear a variety of studded bracelets, or you can stick to one thick leather bracelet. The trick is to make sure that the colour of the accessory complements your outfit.


Goth Dresses

When thinking about goth dresses, the first thing that comes to mind is long Victorian-style ruffled gowns. In today’s world, not all goth dresses are meant to make you look like a princess, since others can give the look and feel of a sexy professional. For instance, check out a short lace black dress, which you can pair off with a formal blazer. It’s simple, yet simply irresistible.

Got any more goth wardrobe essentials? Let us know by commenting down below!

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