How to Dress if You Have a Figure 8?

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If your hips and shoulders are aligned while having a slim waist, you have an 8 or X shape. As it is the feminine silhouette par excellence, it is important to highlight it through the way you dress. Read on to help you choose the right clothes and accessories.


Choose a denim shirt that fits your body regardless of the color tones you prefer. If you’re not a fan of jeans, choose a white 100% cotton shirt to evoke simplicity. Ideally, this shirt should be devoid of detail to prevent it from making you look fat. Make sure it’s not too tight, not too wide, and not too long. A single chest pocket can be added if needed.

You can also wear a striped cotton or linen shirt in blue and white or grey and white. If you opt for a lace blouse, make sure it is as thin as possible. To slim your figure, the lines should always be vertical.

Denim Pants

Although denim pants are not recommended for figure 8s, focus on their fit and how you wear them.

High-waisted or semi-high-waisted jeans are the most suitable to enhance your waist. If you have a bulging butt that tends to show your underwear, choose a cut with a relatively long crotch. Furthermore, it is strongly recommended to select jeans in the following colors.

  • Black: a versatile color that suits all outfits
  • Blue or raw: a color that is ideally worn with a pair of sneakers;
  • Light gray: to wear with a pair of white sneakers to have a casual look.

You can also wear a pair of denim slim leather pants without details. It can be combined with a classic white t-shirt or a lace blouse. Contrast it with a chunky knit top or a sweater for an even more glamorous and feminine effect.

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Wear fitted, body-hugging jackets and blousons, including:

  • a perfecto with a slim fit around the hips, paired with a lace blouse or under a wool coat;
  • a double-breasted jacket with double-breasted buttons to wear closed for formal wear or open for casual wear;
  • a safari jacket ideally paired with a white V-neck t-shirt with rolled-up sleeves;
  • a black blazer with a protruding shoulder.


A figure 8 silhouette fits perfectly with all types of dresses. Nevertheless, it is essential to emphasize your bust and waist by adding a belt to your attire. Silky or fluid material is preferred to remain in comfort while being chic. In addition, a pair of white sneakers and a mesh can be worn with a dress. Among other things, you must know how to combine its length, its pattern, and its shape:

  • a maxi dress with a floral print with a slit in the leg;
  • a short dress with a heart-shaped animal print;
  • a plain black V-neck pantsuit.

Shoes and Bags

White sneakers have often been mentioned before to make your silhouette stand out. Flat boots can also perfectly fit with a camel color, leopard print, and studded model. Also, since the bags, you carry often depend on your shoes, invest in large tote bags and quilted bags with a gold chain. You can also match your leopard print boots with a school bag in the same pattern.

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