How To Choose the Best Sunglasses for My Face Shape?

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Do you want to look better with sunglasses? You have to learn to choose the correct ones. Finding the perfect style is not impossible; the secret is to pay attention to the shape and size of your face. We all look prettier in sunglasses, it’s not proven by science, but this is a proven fact every time we see a celebrity go out with a pair on the red carpet. Yes, the glasses hide half of your face, but they also help to highlight its best angles, give you a bit of mystery and make, in addition to being handsome, you look much more mysterious and exciting, and who does not like that? But not all sunglasses are the same; there are many different shapes and choosing the wrong one does absolutely nothing for you; in fact, it can make you look weird, disproportionate or less attractive than you really are.

Very few people don’t look good with glasses (it’s a staple for cool men, and everyone from Barack Obama to Chris Hemsworth wears them), but choosing the perfect sunglasses is not an easy thing, everyone who knows. They have tried a couple they know, and it is that something as simple as a pair of glasses can elevate your look and give it a cool touch or eradicate your look; the good news is that you do not need to be a spatial physicist or an expert in Fashion to find the best and see yourself as a movie star on your vacation in some exotic place. You should consider several factors, from the tone of the lenses to the material with which they are made, but mainly you should pay attention to the shape of your face and what different shapes, sizes, and angles make for it. So how should you choose them?



Very marked jawlines and wide cheekbones characterize this type of face. If you are one of them, you should bet on large frames, aviator-style or rounded lenses that help soften your angles and balance your features. Apply the phrase: “the bigger, the better”.



Men with a round face are considered classically handsome (Leonardo DiCaprio is an example), but the challenge is to make their cheeks look slim, using glasses with a frame slightly wider than their face and that you have high sides. In this case, the best lenses are geometric, square, or rectangular edges with edges that point slightly upward.



This style is characterized by being elongated and is one of the most common. If this is your case, there is not much problem because you can experiment with various styles; the oval face is one of the most balanced, and any lens adapts to home. Wide lenses can help maintain the natural balance of your face and prevent it from looking too long.



This face tends to have a broader forehead and a slightly slimmer chin, which draws attention to your eyes. If your face is of this style, do not hesitate to buy glasses with edges that point slightly downwards, which will be an element of balance to your chin and create a balance with your forehead. The wide and strong frames help to weigh the lower part of your face and accentuate your eyes.



The shape of your face is an important factor. Still, it is more important to take into account the size, width and length of your face, which is what will determine the size of lenses you should use for sufficient protection and for what everything looks really proportionate. The truth is, you can wear any pair of glasses you like, regardless of the shape, but the size is an element that you can never forget or overlook.



The lenses should be almost as wide as your face and should reach from about the center of the eyebrows to 2/3 below the nose, which creates a better look, protects you better from the sun and does not obstruct your field of vision. Glasses that are too small do not protect you, while those too large can make you look like a cartoon. In addition, lenses with a rounded shape are the most flattering for everyone since they tend to fit at that exact point on all face types, and they are simply lenses with a rounded bottom, with an upper part that can even be straight. As a general rule, bigger heads need bigger lenses, so square frames may be a better option, while smaller faces can use smaller lenses; otherwise, they can look cumbersome.



  • The colour of your glasses depends on the colour of your skin and hair.
  • The haircut also plays an integral part in the choice of lenses.
  • Choose a pair that does not hurt your ears and with legs that are not too long (or short)
  • You don’t have to wear everything trendy (some styles are awful and best avoided).
  • You can’t go wrong with the classics (they’re called classics for a good reason).


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