Find the Perfect Cocktail Dress with the Right Tips

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Searching for cocktail dresses may not be as complicated as searching for wedding dresses, but to be honest, it can sometimes cause a headache. While protocol is becoming more relaxed at these types of events, if you’re looking for cocktail dresses for a garden wedding, a long, black dress may not be the most appropriate. What about that whole etiquette thing? A small detail that is not always taken into account. And it shows when the choice is not the most successful. Want to learn more? Keep reading below to understand how to choose the perfect cocktail dress.

The Importance of Knowing What a Cocktail Dress Is

Thanks to these tips, choosing a dress that is appropriate for the occasion and that also fits you very well will not be as difficult as you thought. Quite often, dress codes confuse us and we think that all short evening dresses conform to the cocktail etiquette. Strictly speaking, cocktail etiquette allows for dresses above the knee or a few inches below, whether they are one-piece or two-piece.

It is a conservative dress code that falls somewhere between formal or semi-formal and a more casual code. Because of its flexibility, it is currently one of the most popular for both day and night events, from parties to business meetings.

When it comes to fabrics, quality must be the priority. It doesn’t matter if you opt for a design made with thicker fabrics like Mikado or the lightness of lace. And don’t minimize this aspect either if you’ve made the decision to rent an evening dress. The important thing is that the ensemble exudes elegance from all sides.

Which Cut is the Most Flattering?

There is a wide variety of styles to suit all tastes, but above all, it is always best to choose a cut that is flattering to our body type. If your upper body is narrower than your lower body, the empire cut is recommended. Line up with draping and elements that give more volume to the chest, sweetheart or strapless necklines and full or flared skirts. This is the main secret of chubby evening dresses, with which women of all sizes can look divine and fashionable.

If you have a slim waist and wide thighs, you may like structured dresses cinched at the waist, with bodice details and an A-line skirt. They’ll shape your figure like an hourglass. Adopt a gathered hairstyle and you can style your figure even more; especially if it is high and exposes your neck and nape.

On the contrary, if your legs are thin in relation to your bust and waist, like an inverted triangle, the ideal is to draw attention to your hips. For example, use ruffled patterns and hide the width of the shoulders with simple, vertical lines. For the more stylish silhouettes, form-fitting or semi-fitted styles are ideal for highlighting curves.

Are There Any Forbidden Colors?

The basic rule of light colors for cocktail dresses during the day and dark colors for the evening is practical and applies without further complication. However, the charms of blue, yellow and green, which have entered the evening dresses catalogs in full force, cannot go unnoticed. Similarly, floral and geometric prints and patterns with lines and dots are present in the fashion of wedding guests.

Seasonal colors and patterns can give a boost to more classic tones, like black or red. With the help of color matching, they can be coordinated in the same pattern, opting for the most flattering shades on top. Intense and charismatic colors also appear in the purple, pink and yellow palettes.

What to Pair Them With?

From accessories to decorate wedding hairstyles to shoes, accessories are usually the ones that bring the look to life, but if any of them are out of tune, the harmony is lost. Shoes should also be elegant and chosen with care. Although the balance tips towards the heel, sandals and flats can be worn. The important thing is that they are comfortable and fit perfectly on the feet, not the other way around. It is therefore recommended to use them before the event.

Hats and headpieces are very common in this label, although they are not recommended for night celebrations. As for the style of evening dresses, the ideal is to accompany the chosen model with a small handbag. The box type, rigid and square in shape, is the triumphant model for this type of event. Don’t forget that it is advisable to keep the jewelry discreet: an elegant bun will allow your small earrings to be seen perfectly. Above all, do not wear more than three accessories.

Now that you know more about cocktail dresses, according to you what’s the type of dress that will suit you best and why? Let us know in the comments below.

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